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The Compound is WordPress template created in minimalistic design style. You can create the corporate or personal websites by many features that can customise your presentation via simple changing of several settings.

Compound theme comes with various subpages – fixed or flexible height with smart or expanded sidebar. Have a look at examples here.
Modal: Main Features & Colors Our powerful Admin panel will allows you to set your own colors to many important parts of the website. You won’t have to edit anything in CSS files. Main Compound Features Minimalistic Clean & Universal Design Style Impressive Anything Slider with Picture & Video Slides Smart Layout with Global & Individual Page Styles Universal Portfolio & Many Useful Shortcodes Customisable Colors & Backgrounds in all Sections The Compound is minimalist theme that will also allows you to create content rich website. Theme can be very compact or you can expand it to look as normal website. Whole website was designed with an iPad…

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